Just a word?

By | 25 January, 2017|

Last month, in The temptation of giving up we talked about how appear from Humanization numerous possibilities for feeding the engine of action that is the internal "motivation" . Gratitude is one of those possibilities, which is more than [...]

Virtual reality to improve cognitive alterations in ICU

By | 24 January, 2017|

More than 30 percent of patients who survive an episode of critical illness presents brain alterations that go beyond those of the disease that has led to the admission to intensive care (ICU). As a result [...]

Economy and ICU Humanisation

By | 20 January, 2017|

Hola a tod@s, my dear friends. A very interesting reflection was initiated yesterday from Colombia. Arturo Arias raised the following: "It is true that humanising is an spreading strategy throughout the world, but there are certain details that [...]

The power of love

By | 18 January, 2017|

On 2013  April 2nd, I felt a severe pain in the abdomen. I went to two clinics and to a hospital, and all under the same diagnosis -tear - they prescribed me anti-inflammatory drugs. April 3rd I was [...]

New Guidelines for Family-Centered Care in the Neonatal, Pediatric, and Adult ICU. “Open the door, baby”

By | 17 January, 2017|

A few days ago we saw in the networks a post of  Arturo Arias in which he said textually "Little by Little we are opening more the doors of my H-ICU... and I wonder: How we were able of having them closed [...]

#3JHUCI: Let´s go to the South!

By | 13 January, 2017|

Hola a tod@s, my dear friends. It´s my pleasure to announce that the Third Conference of Humanization of  Intensive Care has already defined space and dates, so you can book those days on your agenda. As we announced in [...]

The follow up of Post-ICU Syndrome is now a reallity in Spain

By | 11 January, 2017|

The Intensive Care Service of Hospital Universitario La Paz (Madrid) has started the program for the detection and follow up of Post Intensive Care Syndrome (PICS).  PICS is an entity recently described, that affects to a significant number of patients and [...]

ORCHESTRA: more about families and visiting policies

By | 10 January, 2017|

Expanding visiting time and encouraging family participation in the care are supported by many critical care societies and  Health organisations, although the reality continues being restricted. It is thought that families can affect flows of work and thereby, alter the results [...]

A letter to the Three Wise Kings: CriTIC

By | 4 January, 2017|

"Dear Wise Kings:  If I could ask  you anything, I would ask you the discharge from the ICU and be cured of all my sufferings. But my doctors tell me that, even they are trying [...]

#HUMANTOOLS skills training

By | 3 January, 2017|

Hola a todos, my dear friends. We start the year full of energy and good purposes. If 2016 was great for #humaniza, 2017 will be spectacular. As we have already been announcing, we are about to open our platform [...]

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