And…what about the chronic and critically ill patient?

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Hello everybody: First of all, I would like to remind you that today we have an appointment with the Planet: from 20:30 to 21.30 is The blackout by climate change And returning to today´s post ... what about that patient with long ICU stay when leave our units? How grade of dependent would they have? Would they have depression, nightmares or could [...]

Work at night shift and the increased risk of cancer

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Hello my dear rascals: I would like to share with you a very interesting post by Dra. Odile Fernández, the author of the book My anticancer recipes Most of us work in our ICUs at any time, and very often in the night shift. Shift work and particularly work at the night shift has been associated with an increased risk of cancer [...]

Scientifics discover one of the Happiness key!

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Hello everybody, my dear rascals. Wednesday and in the half of the week, Dra Nuria Camino again shares with us a wonderful video. Please, spend 7 minutos! Someone is going to do this? What will happend If we do it? Happy day, gabi

Are we ready to accept family members at bedside ward rounds in our ICU?

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Hello everybody!As critically ill patients are often unable to participate in ICU treatments decisions, substitute decision makers (SDMs), most of the time, family members, have an important role in decision-making. This demands a high information exchange with key healthcare providers, especially attending physicians, but time constraints and restrained availability limit the frequency of family meetings.Family presence during ward rounds, already [...]

IC-HU project in ESICM´s Facebook!

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Hello everybody!! We are now on European Society of Intensive Care Medicine (ESICM) Facebook. One more time, the intensive connection rules!! Thanks my dear rascals. This is the way to follow and share with all of you. Come on!!! Scoundrels!! Today beer for free!!! I wil pay. A big hug!!

Making off, Photocall and Insider. The most rogue party!

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Hello everybody!I would like to show you the most rogue party photos, on the right of the blog. The making-of, the photocall, the shows, your photos, the “copeteo”… One more time I would like to thanks to Sala Ancora  and Andrea Vaughan for her work and his brilliant team. To Tdj ebanistería for his fantastic photocall, to Monica Ferrero, Fran [...]

I had a black dog

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Hello everybody! Today is the International Day of Happiness, so, come on and start smiling! In the other hand and thanks to Dra. Nuria Camino, I would like you to watch this video from the WHO (World Health Organization). I do not say anything, I prefer your posts after you have watched it. I advise you: I also had a [...]

A Letter to the Family of My ICU Patient

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Hello everyboy, my rascals. First of all, Happy Daddy´s day! Happy Invisible man´s day! Here it is my litte honor for all men and all Josés (especially for my father and for José, the author of " To come back for to tell it. Story of and acute myocardial infarction") Today I would like to share with you a post [...]

Feasibility and safety of early combined cognitive and physical therapy for critically ill medical and surgical patients: the Activity and Cognitive Therapy in ICU (ACT-ICU) trial

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Published in Intensive Care. Volume 40, Number 3 / March, 2014 Online Version in ESICM Hello everybody! I supose you would like to see the photos of the most rogue party, but I ask for your patient because we are collecting yours photos and the photographer´s to make a selection. As soon as possible you will be able to downloud [...]

Elena said yes…

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Good morning my rascals!. It´s time to share, and is Sunday. I am not working today but I would like to thank everyone for the party. A succes, with more than 200 people at rush hour. People of my life : classmates, Boy Scouts, University, the MIR and the hospitals where I have worked, friends , family and blog followers [...]