Listen to our patient: the last talk of Randy Pausch

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Hi everybody, my dear friends. Today´s post will be something like a Pathwork project, I will talk about various items and you will see that cool that is. First of all, is to thank you for the scope El Blog alternativo interview. Nothing more and nothing less than 42192! on the first day. Thank you for the likes, the Retwitts, and for sharing link [...]

Medicine is not an assembly line

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Hello everybody my dear friends.I really don´t like  these kind of things, but today I going to allow me several licenses.The first, publishing the entry evening in honor of our supporters in Latin America.The second, share with you the first interview that I do in my life.El Blog Alternativo, a space that aims to create a better world, and one of my Premium Selection' [...]

Rest in Peace Tito, and all the victims of cancer…

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Valuing what you have,you never know when your time comes ' Rest in peace Tito Vilanova and all patients  who were victims of cancer.   A big hug for the patients, families and professionals who we are fighting, who fought, and will fight against this disease. Together we shall overcome it, I'm sure of it.A hug from HU-CI project for all  

Would you consider changing jobs to find a truly compassionate workplace?

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Hi all, my dear Friends!Finally it's Friday!. And even though the juernes are like the Gin and Tonic, on Fire, Fridays are Friday.Today I need your cooperation, so that all fill the following survey for healthcare professionals, who propose our friends at Hearts in Healthcare from New Zealand.How is your Hospital's compassionate? Would you consider changing jobs to find a [...]

Patient Communicator App for iPad

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Hello everybody my dear rogues:American Society of Intensive Care (SCCM) has just released an iPad app in order to break down the barriers of communication of patients who are admitted to ICU, cannot speak: patients on mechanical ventilation, with problems of hearing, limitation of the language and so on.The application has capacity for translation into 19 languages, a scale that [...]

Humanize your Medical Specialty. Why not?

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Hello everybody, my dear friends. So that is my question today.   I feel that this IC-HU Project  is going through several constructed barriers that I do not know if they have any sense over the years. And I also feel that it is in our hands, in our will, switch  alltogether the written history, or that it has been written.   So happy to see how  we establish networks of [...]

Life-sustaining treatment limitation in the electronic clinical record

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Hola everobody, my dear amig@s (I am going to start Spanish lessons!)Returning to the topic already started in Do we need a Code Death?, today I want to share with you an article published in Medicina Intensiva in 2011 by Dra. Rosa Poyo-Guerrero and other components of the Committee of Ethics of the Hospital Son Llàtzer in Palma de Mallorca. Life-sustaining treatment limitation (LSTL) [...]

The video that will change your way of working

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Hello everybody, my beloved rascals:What about these Easter holidays? It was fantastic for me, enjoying my family. Wanting war, today I present you the video that will change your way of working if you do it in an ICU.By  the great Dr. Nicolás Nin from Montevideo, I have received an email with this video that comes from the Antipodes. In New Zealand there is [...]

There is another way to teach. There is another way to learn.

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Hi all, my beloved Friends.Before you start to enjoy the Easter, I would like to share with everybody a last post for all these days.Thanks to 2.0 I have learned that there are other ways of teaching and that we can learn in a different way. And it comes from Australia:FOAM means Free Open Access Meducation: medical education for everyone, anytime, anywhere. This term was [...]

Family presence during cardiopulmonary resuscitation

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Hello everybody, my dear friends.Today this blog is 2 months old, and continues to grow powerful and on fireThank you very much for follow it.Today I would like to share an article thanks to Dr. Vicente Gomez-Tello, published in March 2013 in The New England Journal of Medicine.Thorny issue. This is a study carried out in France, where recruited to 570 relatives of patients who [...]