From Valencia: Hand Washing!!!!

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Hello friends:I present you Gerardo Aguilar, doctor of Anesthesiology and Resuscitation Unit of the Hospital Clínico de Valencia  He says the following in his mail: ' First of all I would like to convey my congratulations to Gabi and all partners that make possible this project so successful and necessary. Secondly, I take this post to show you two videos [...]

After overcoming an infarction: another post for IC-HU Editor!

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On December 25, 2013, José Luis Díaz was born again. And he sent  me his story, which is one of the most entertaining, dramatic and well-read post of this blog and which I invite you to re read: Return to tell it. Report of a HEART ATTACK. He is still making trouble (especially for the extension of his post, which [...]

Third Editor´s post: Jose Sesmero, from Madrid

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Hello all, my dear rogue. Already in the final stages of the choice of editors for the project HU-CI, posts continue to arrive and my work mounts up. I am delighted! I remind you: free topic (if you put or comment a scientific article, you should name the source),  short and with an image that summarizes it. Having said that, [...]

Second candidate to Editor: Ali Matz from Castellón

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Hola a tod@s my dear friends: non-stop.  I present to you the second candidate to Editor. Shee has contacted me thanks to El Blog Alternativo. In her email she writes: ' It is one of the first times  that I see that the voice of patients and family members is important, so I decided to try. My name is Alicia Martínez, I am [...]

Visiting hours and comfortability of the Spanish ICUs

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Hola a tod@s my dear friends: Today I want to spread this survey directed to ICUs of Spain created by the ICU of Hospital Universitario Central de Asturias.Dr. Dolores Escudero, head of the unit, is one of the members of the multidisciplinary team which has worked in the IC-HU Project´s application for the ESICM Research Awards 2014.Objectives: Learn about the [...]

First candidate to Editor, from Chile. She is Veronica Rojas

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Hello everybody, my dear rogues! I am delighted with the announcement about my searching for editors. Yesterday 6 persons were interested in the job: a patient, two nurses, two social workers, and a Champion of the Europa League.I would like to share the letter of motivation of Veronica Rojas, from Chile. She is a nurse, she belongs to the Division of [...]

The International Research HUMANIZING INTENSIVE CARE: The IC-HU Project

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Hello everybody, my dear friends. Today I would like to make an statement and announcement: First of all, I want to inform you that I have submitted an application to European Society of Intensive Care (ESICM) Research Awards 2014. With the Application: The International Research HUMANIZING INTENSIVE CARE: The IC-HU Project', we would aim to spread the message around the [...]

What is FOAMed in Spanish?

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Hi everybody, my dear rogues!I suppose you will think...What´s the matter with you today, Gabi?Suddenly, there are a few times that someone or something makes you feel very good. Today the blog is 3 months old, so I could not imagine a better gift to celebrate.I have just reviewed my mail and see this message from Oliver Flower, one of [...]

PICTORRINO, another communication tool

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Hello my dear friends.Continuing on the same item and thanks to Ignacio Enriquez via Twitter (it is great that we can share all things), today we make echo of another application to improve the communication of families and professionals with patients with temporary or permanent loss of the ability of speaking: PICTORRINO. Thanks to this tool, patients can express their needs [...]

Course of Management of Emotions in the physician-patient relationship

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Hello everybody:We are teaching advanced CPR at Hospital Universitario de Torrejón, and between sessions, I would like to share this course organized by the Official College of Physicians of Madrid: click here to access the direct link Objectives: -Learn to recognize the existence of psychic factors in labour relations and physician-patient.-Develop skills for the recognition and management of own and other [...]