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How Human is your Organization? The results of the survey

2019-08-02T19:00:43+00:0031 October, 2014|

Hola a todos, my dear Friends.   Some months ago, the IC-HU Project helped in the diffusion of the international survey of Hearts in Healthcare, Would you consider changing jobs to find a truly compassionate workplace?   First of all, I would like to thanks everyone of you:  244 health professionals, mostly from the USA, New Zealand, Australia and Spain. They rated their own [...]

Building Health together

2019-08-02T19:00:43+00:0030 October, 2014|

Hola a tod@s, my dear friends: Today we share GEPAC (Spanish Group of patients with Cancer) working day. Next 7th November from 15 PM in Technique School of Architecture in Madrid, it will take place the 3rd Day of Training for Medical and Nursing Students. The program is full of exciting themes and has been elaborated with the collaboration and experience of patients: bioethics, [...]

José Carlos Bermejo and the Listening Center, Listening Award 2014

2019-08-02T19:00:44+00:0029 October, 2014|

Hola a tod@s, my dear Friends. From IC-HU Project, we add and celebrate the Listening Award 2014  to our Friends of Centro de Humanización para la Salud (Center of Humanization of Health). Teléfono de la Esperanza (The Hope Phone) has  awarded to José Carlos Bermejo, Director of the Center and Centro de Escucha (Listening Center),  with the Listening Award 2014. The award will be delivered in Granada next 15th of November, [...]

Searching Happy Healthcare Workers

2019-08-02T19:00:44+00:0028 October, 2014|

Hola a tod@s, my dear friends. We are looking for happy professionals all over the world. From New Zealand, Hearts in Healthcare has launched the project The Happiness in Healthcare Project There is an epidemic of Burnout among healthcare professionals, not only in Spain but also around the world. So we can´t do our work fully and this commitments a [...]

#EnfermeríaVisible, #Happytobeanurse…together we are more!

2019-08-02T19:00:44+00:0025 October, 2014|

From IC-HU Project, we endorse to make whom looks to be invisible to visible, because although it is obvious and we wouldn't need to say it, sometimes we need to remember what is necessary. Porque lo que no se ve, existe (What it is not possible to see, also exits)     Health workers should be to be a TEAM and all members regardless of their "shirt" or CV, are [...]

Early intraICU psychological intervention

2019-08-02T19:00:45+00:0024 October, 2014|

Hola a tod@s, my dear friends. Let´s focus today from the point of view of whom is lying opposite, facing up. Published in Critical Care in 2011, do echo of the article Early intra-intensive care unit psychological intervention promotes recovery from post traumatic stress disorders, anxiety and depression symptoms in critically ill patients.The intervention of clinical psychologists from admission to [...]

Having a loved one in the ICU: the forgotten family

2019-08-02T19:00:45+00:0023 October, 2014|

Hola a tod@s, my dear friends. Today I would like to share a review article published on  Current Opinion in Critical Care, signed by Schmidt and Azoulay. I think it´s a fantastic paper. ICU is perhaps the place of the hospital were families suffer most. To have a family member admitted to the ICU and the subsequent consequences generates stress, anxiety [...]

Depression and ICU Physicians

2019-08-02T19:00:45+00:0022 October, 2014|

Hola a tod@s, my dear friends. Depression is a very important item and we are going to look from the point of view of all players.As we all know, working in an intensive care unit is a profession with stressful experiences in every day. However, the incidence of depressive symptoms among professionals has been unstudied. This study published in the Annals [...]

The Never Ending Story: Patients’ memory and psychological distress after ICU stay

2019-08-02T19:00:45+00:0021 October, 2014|

Hola a tod@s, my dear friends . Published on 2009 in Intensive Care Medicine,  Patients’ memory and psychological distress after ICU stay compared with expectations of the relatives will be the first of a serie which aims to try to rethink the need for admission to ICU and its consequences. The authors wanted to compare patients’ psychological distress and memories from intensive [...]

Web Resources about Palliative Care, by Diego Ruiz

2019-08-02T19:00:46+00:0019 October, 2014|

Hola a  tod@s and happy Sunday. From IC-HU Project we want to thank all the people that have collaborated in this week of  #CuidadosPaliativosIntensivos with your post, reviews and spreading the message. We really hope that could be possible those daily and quality palliative care, with appropiate human and technical resources and could reach all those person who need them.  Thanks [...]