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Family presence during in-hospital cardiopulmonary resuscitation

2019-08-02T19:00:33+00:0029 November, 2014|

Hola a tod@s, my dear friends. I was in debt with you, so here it is the talk that I did at #SOMIAMA 2014 on family presence during in-hospital cardiopulmonary resuscitation (click for get the pdf, only available in Spanish).The star of the session, without any doubt, was someone who most of you already know: José Luis Díaz, the main character in Return [...]

II Edition of Quality and Clinical Security Awards of Sanitas

2019-08-02T19:00:33+00:0028 November, 2014|

Hola a tod@s, mis queridos amigos. I would like to share again good news is followed in IC-HU Project. The Hospital Universitario de Torrejón and Dra. Mari Cruz Martin (author of The Science of Security of patients), one of the members of the research project has been awarded at the II Edition of Quality and Clinical Security Awards of Sanitas.These [...]

The Healing Power of Word

2019-08-02T19:00:35+00:0027 November, 2014|

Hello everybody, my dear friends. After a thought of of Dr. Frutos del Nogal, who was head of the ICU of my beloved Hospital Universitario Severo Ochoa de Leganés, after the Sedation workshop at the recent #SOMIAMA, today I want to discuss an article of April 2013 in  la Vanguardia  and  Elena Lorente (De Tots Els Colors) has shared with us: the healing power of  [...]

Witnesses of Oblivion

2019-08-02T19:00:36+00:0026 November, 2014|

Hello everybody, my dear friends. We celebrate today the post number 200 of this blog, and someone very special to me, that brother that I would have chosen If I could, wanted to send us a gift and a moment of reflection. Give it space and it will make you feel better.I invite you today to come out of your [...]

Sense of Humor and Clown Fundamentals for Healthcare Providers Workshop

2019-08-02T19:00:36+00:0025 November, 2014|

Hola a tod@s, my dear friends. We want more, and for this we have help. Thanks to José I. Ricarte, a physician in Ibiza and Clown, it will be held at the Hospital Universitario de Torrejón the first Sense of Humor and Clown Fundamentals for Healthcare Providers Workshop, on 9 and 10 December from 15: 30 to 20: 30. You [...]

One more kiss, by Jose I. Ricarte

2019-08-02T19:00:37+00:0020 November, 2014|

One of the things I've learned working with disease and death is the need to take advantage of time. The "carpe diem" reminded by the recently deceased Robin Williams. We need to enjoy the small moments of life, the simple details of the life and the company of people we can find during our way. I should continue putting it into practice and [...]

Blackbird, by Verónica Rojas

2019-08-02T19:00:37+00:0019 November, 2014|

The world was shocked after watching a video posted on youtube showing the poignant scene in which a father, Chris Picco, sings with guitar in hand to his premature son Lennon the song "Blackbird". You will probably think that this little and it´s no related to the humanized care in the ICU of adults, and perhaps you will think that [...]

What about talking about our death? By Yasmina Díaz

2019-08-02T19:00:37+00:0018 November, 2014|

The other day, during a coffe-break in the work shift as a reflection, we discussed the situation of a young woman who was known by all that would not overcome their ICU stay and who could not talk about what she was living with anyone. Imminent death.The positions were different: some were wondering why we should speak with her of that [...]

The Changing Role of Palliative Care in the ICU

2019-08-02T19:00:38+00:0015 November, 2014|

Hola a tod@s, my dear friends: Just ending the week thanks to Dra. Mari Cruz Martín, head of service at ICU of Hospital Universitario de Torrejón, who sends us this awesome article: The Changing Role of Palliative care in the ICU, published in the issue of November 2014 in Critical Care Medicine.There is a growing recognition that a effective integration [...]