Farmaindustria approves the XX National Conference of Humanization

2019-08-02T19:00:08+00:0028 February, 2015|

Hola a tod@s, my dear Friends.   Step by step we continue walking towards the XX National Conference of Humanization. Farmaindustria has incluided our conference in their  list of authorised events.        We hope that this authorised participation will help to get different partnerships and sponsors. In this sense, first aid has come from Pfizer, which must grant us notebooks and pens for [...]

Mindfulness in Torrejón

2019-08-02T19:00:08+00:0027 February, 2015|

Hola a tod@s, my dear friends. We are moving ahead in the Team Coaching project "Awakening the genius of the ICU", and on Wednesday, March 4, from 8.30 to 10 in the library of the Hospital Universitario de Torrejón we are organizing a very special session, to which you are all invited (please send an email confirmation of attendance to [...]

Decalogue of the Ministry of Health for children admitted to the Hospital

2019-08-02T19:00:08+00:0026 February, 2015|

Hola a tod@s, my dear Friends.On June of 2013 the next document was published by Spanish Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality:   PROMOTING AND HARMONIZING THE HUMANIZATION OF ASSISTANCE IN PAEDIATRIC AND NEWBORN INTENSIVE CARE UNITS OF THE NATIONAL SYSTEM OF HEALTH. It is the agreement of the Interterritorial Council to establish quality criteria applicable to Paediatric and [...]

Another brother-blog: Facilitación Sanitaria

2019-08-02T19:00:09+00:0025 February, 2015|

Hola a tod@s, my dear friends.Family is growing. Recently we share the new blog Humanización en Salud y Enfermedad (Humanization in Health and Illness), and today I would like to introduce you Facilitación Sanitaria. (Healthcare facilitation) Our "brothers" came from Cataluña, and are leaded by Raquel Franco with clear goals and focused on the surgical patient: - To defend the [...]

The Power of a Hug

2019-08-02T19:00:09+00:0024 February, 2015|

Hola a tod@s, my dear friends.We started the week in a different way, but I am sure when you watch the video you will understand it.Sofía Sánchez, nurse of the ICU of the Hospital Son Llàtzer in Palma de Mallorca invites us to reflection. Don't miss it, gives you 4 minutes. On July 2014 we published the post Hugs and [...]

Center for Humanizing Critical Care

2019-08-02T19:00:09+00:0020 February, 2015|

Hola a tod@s, my dear friends.   Today I want to introduce you the Center for Humanizing Critical Care of Intermountain Medical Center, which is lead by  Samuel Brown established in 2013 in Murray, Salt Lake City. Multidisciplinary clinical research focus on helping patients and family members make it through life-threatening illnesses and injuries with their humanity intact. They look for transforming the way we care [...]

The ICU of the Future

2019-08-02T19:00:10+00:0019 February, 2015|

Hola a tod@s, my dear friends. Yesterday I had dinner with Carles Calaf and Victor Úbeda, and we were talking about the future with a couple of beers. Philosophy of bar and brainstorming: probably the most creative combination. How will be the ICU of the Future?. As we have thought before, for me is clear: centered in persons and to [...]

Mildfulness or drugs, you choose!

2019-08-02T19:00:10+00:0018 February, 2015|

Hola a tod@s, my dear friends.We are freaking out with Salvador Casado (@doctorcasado) again, and of course, we have to talk about his post As a physician I recommend Meditation to my patients (available in Spanish). Very brave and very sensible, so from The IC-HU Project we rowing in the same direction. Spain is the second country in medicine usage. [...]

The award to the attitude: Hospital optimista

2019-08-02T19:00:10+00:0017 February, 2015|

Hola a tod@s, my dear friends.Today we begin the second year of The IC-HU Project with the same energy after 250 post (245 in English) and the satisfaction that the hard work is paying off. Together we are changing the paradigm of the attention of the critical patient to a space more personal and more focused on those small details [...]

Send your abstracts to XX National Conference of Humanization!

2019-08-02T19:00:11+00:0014 February, 2015|

Hola a tod@s, my dear friends:Here is the form (only available in Spanish) for the submission of your abstracts to the XX National Conference of Humanization: "Humanizing the Intensive Care" which as you know will take place on May 27-28 at the Hospital Universitario de Torrejón, in Madrid. Aiming to create a space for exchange of experiences related to the [...]