The fruits of “The Caring of Invisible”

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Hola a tod@s, my dear friends.As soon as possible it will be available "The Caring of Invisible", our speech at TEDxValladolid. I feel very happy for having this chance last Saturday.Thanks once again to Chema Cepeda by rolling me up to the Red Dot and Belén Viloria for believing that we had an idea worth spreading. The talk is been [...]

#saldelauci part II, by José Carlos Igeño

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The undersigned was a patient...several times.  Personally, I think it´s good to have been hospitalized on different occasions throughout y our life if you are a physician. Well, mostly...for your patients.When I was five, I remember seeing my father and brothers just once every 15 days through a glass, but today that pathology is considered banal. They were 70´s. Other [...]

Brothers and sisters in the NICU: Projecte Germans

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Hola a tod@s, my dear friends.Thanks to Elena for sending me a post from Ibone Olza´s blog simply wonderful.Perhaps many of you don´t know who Ibone is. Ibone is Psychiatrist and professor of several Universities, researcher in multiple projects of mental and perinatal health, lecturer and freelance writer on issues of children mental health and Neurobiology of attachment, childbirth and [...]

A grain of sand from Venezuela, by Leonardo Díaz

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Venezuela is currently going through a very difficult situation if we talk abouth health services.In conditions of precariousness many major country hospitals both personal, as family members of hospitalized patients in emergency rooms, wards and ICU are struggling every day to the shortage of medicines, reagents for laboratories, supplies basic and spare parts for medical equipment, as well as the [...]

The ICU of the XXI Century: the Human Being at the centre

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Hello everybody, my dear friends.Finally we have all!We share the talks of the inaugural session of L SEMICYUC Congress and XLI SEEIUC one which took place at the Kursaal in San Sebastian.It was titled "The ICU of the XXI Century: the Human Being at the centre" and was designed by members of the IC-HU Project and moderated by two members of [...]

Daring journeys, an essential appoinment

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Hola a tod@s, my dear friends.The date is coming and our heartbeat is accelerated. Next Saturday September 26th will be the event TEDxValladolid 2015 at Laboratorio de las Artes (LAVA). 10 ideas worth spreading about knowledge, life, innovation, science, art, technology, design, education, nature, language, economics, physics, power and space.Totally different worlds, stories of alternative roads including the humanization of Intensive [...]

Those little things, by Ángela Algaba

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There are several aeroplanes in the air, almost in a row, waiting to land. Closer, the A2 with traffic jam direction to Madrid.The sun goes down slowly and is the most beautiful view we can see from this window. Juan looks at the sky and smiles. It seems a beautiful landscape for him.Two months ago he was admitted to the [...]

Another Hospital is possible, by Mónica Ferrero

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Step by step, a reference hospital is growing and showing what is done is the result of reflection, communication and involvement by designers, hospital staff, patients and families. We speak of the Hospital Materno-Infantil Sant Joan de Déu in Barcelona.Diagnostic unit was transformed into a spaceship. This "restyling" was a success last year and the change speaks for itself. Stress [...]

Talking about Open ICU again

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Hola a tod@s, my dear friends.Many Science accumulated during September first fortnight, so we will be sharing articles little by little.Our companions of the ICU of the Hospital Universitario Central de Asturias led by Dr. Dolores Escudero (IC-HU Project member) have recently published two very interesting articles. On Visitation policy, design and comfort in Spanish intensive care units, published in [...]

Breastfeeding in ICU, by Paula Juárez

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In April 2013 started their activities the Hospital de la Madre y el Niño in La Rioja (Argentina).It is patient-centered care Hospital and its main values are: respect, warmth, satisfaction and continuous improvement.The first Unit of Obstetric Intensive Therapy (UTIO) was created to assist the critically ill pregnant patient. Therefore, the ICU Team must have special training in a new [...]