The IC-HU Project road to Bolivia

2019-08-02T18:58:47+00:0030 January, 2016|

Hola a tod@s, my dear friends. You can not imagine what it means for me to write this post. The IC-HU Project is going to visit Bolivia, particularly in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, thanks to the Colegio Médico Departamental de Santa Cruz  and its Scientific Committee, the Bolivian Society of Intensive Care Medicine, the Center of teaching and medical skills and thanks to our friends [...]

No more restrictions, by Gabriela Vidal

2019-08-02T18:58:47+00:0029 January, 2016|

Nowadays, many Intensive care units (ICU) remain restrictive visiting hours regimens. This decision is based on the following premises: 1. Difficulty to work with patients for the physician. 2. Interference in the work of nursing, the safety of the staff and workload. 3. The privacy of the patient, and adverse changes in the physiology.4. Constant information demand to physicians.5. Family [...]

The secret of Happiness, by Olga Rubio

2019-08-02T18:58:48+00:0027 January, 2016|

They made us a gift. One of those untouchables that are given with the heart and you receive with the soul and welcome with a smile. The nursing team had achieved good results, and they decided to share that incentive with a motivational talk for all the hospital staff. They invited Mikah de Waart (consultant, lecturer, and motivational Coach).At the [...]

Healing design, by Mónica Ferrero

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Design is defined as the search for a solution in any field.  The act of design is a complex, dynamic and intricate task: is the integration of social, economic and technical requirements, biological needs, ergonomics, psychological effects, materials, shape, color, volume and space, all designed and interrelated with the environment that surrounds users".Yes, this is our work. In addition, to [...]

A sea of gelatin, by Raquel Nieto

2019-08-02T18:58:50+00:0023 January, 2016|

99 days I spent many days sedated, sleeping.  The sleeping still exist, even our outside contact is interrupted. Occasionally there are signals, voices, a flash, a rubbing gives us a whiplash which we recognize from the depths.  And we look for the exit.  I was submerged in a sea of gelatin, clumsy arms, without enough strength to swin, I went [...]

It is not a dream, it is already happening…by María Rojas

2019-08-02T18:58:50+00:0022 January, 2016|

How an Intensivist ends putting a DVD player between the connection of perfusion pumps, extruders of the respirator and haemofiltration machine? All begins with a reflection: our aim is patients survive the ICU. Yes, but is cost? To overcome an ICU admission is a great biological wear in many cases, the recovery of physical sequelae also carries an important work, [...]

Silence and sedation management, by Guillaume Decormeille

2016-11-26T22:48:19+00:0021 January, 2016|

The recent International Congress of Anaesthesia and Reanimation of Paris organized by the French Intensive Care Society (SRLF), wanted to illustrate through photography how to live in the best way the ICU admission.  The polyvalent ICU of the Centre hospitalier universitaire Toulouse - Rangueil took part into the contest with a photo that illustrates another point of view from the [...]

Thinking in Palliative Care in ICU

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Hola a tod@s, my dear friends. Today we want to talk again about implementing palliative care in IC-HU, thanks to the article recently published in Intensive Care Medicine, the journal of the European society of intensive care (ESICM): "Prospective study of a proactive palliative care rounding intervention in a medical ICU" that comes from the United States. There, 20% of [...]

#humaniza has sent us a friend request, by Carlos Martorell y María del Castillo

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In all Health disciplines are taught subjects related to empathy and communication. No matter if you are nursing assistant, technician emergency, nurse or physician, during the training period firmly believe that patient´s diseases are not only Physiology, and to recover professional and also the person behind the uniform is needed.  Currently, we observe impassively what the feeling of a patient [...]

Respect. Tolerate. Humanize… By Félix Martín

2019-08-02T18:58:51+00:0016 January, 2016|

We were very busy that morning. Four days ago a traffic accident led us to admit multiple trauma patients in the ICU. That morning, two of these, and a venerable old lady, like a providential gift will be discussed, offered a whole host of supreme acts. I introduce you the main protagonists. Mohamed, Kurdish, 33 years old, living in Germany, multiple trauma stabilized and [...]