The cost of surviving ICU

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Hola a tod@s, my dear friends. Thanks to Vicente Gómez, we return to talk about the post-ICU síndrome (PICS) after an article published in MEDPAGETODAY. Maurene Harvey is a nurse, and she was the first nurse to be the President of the American Society of Critical Care Medicine (SCCM) in 2002. My thought is always the same: why we have two [...]

The H also in Venezuela

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Hola a tod@s, my dear friends. Very good news once again, this time from Venezuela. Despite the difficulties, the humanization of Intensive Care is spreading arround the world. Nurse specialists in Intensive Care of Hospital Dr. Patrocinio Peñuela Ruiz de San Cristobal-Tachira, motivated by the IC-HU project, began their career with an activity of music therapy. Professionals responsible for this [...]

It was really “a matter of plate”?

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Over the years I have coincided with many intensivists in several ICU, and we have all seen needs for the system . Years after, we continue thinking the same things. And as in everything, there is a part that depends on the system and there is part that depends on what eyes look the reality. 36 hours ago I was [...]

The border, by Raquel Nieto

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99 days When we are admitted in an ICU, in every hospital, we are thinking in the discharge to the ward as the great trip, always rising, even if we are on the same floor or a floor above. Thinking willfully the exit is always up, at the top, where there are windows that let us see the Sun. We [...]

A great IC-HU for children, by Mónica Ferrero

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Fundación Aladina began in 2005. It´s an independent organization which provides material, psychological and emotional support to children, adolescents and their families. They carried out projects in different hospitals as: Hospital Gregorio Marañon (Madrid), Hospital Cruces (Vizcaya), Hospital Vall d´Hebron (Barcelona), Hospital de Getafe (Madrid) and Hospital Niño Jesús (Madrid), its reference centre.In the Hospital Niño Jesús (HNJ), they have [...]

From paternalism to cibernalism bypassing the autonomy of the will. By Felix Martin.

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He was 15 years old. Moped. Helmet isn't invited. For that, the inevitable; ICU admission by traumatic brain injury. Parents in separation process. Previous reproaches into family room. Separated visits by decision parts. The first 24 hours, our patient maintained marked drowsiness. The thud has been big and a strong parenchymal impact. After 48 h, their brain injuries haven't progressed [...]

II National Conference on Humanizing Intensive Care

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Hola a tod@s, my dear amig@s:As you know and after the great success on 2015, the IC-HU Project and the Center of Humanization of Health are organizing in Barcelona the II National Conference on Humanizing Intensive Care. This year, the Conference will take place on May 26th and 27th at Espai Pujades 350 (thanks to the excellent efforts of the [...]

End of Life Care Code: Is it possible? By Olga Rubio

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On February 4th was held in Catalonia the XI Expert Conference of the Catalan Society of Intensive Care Medicine (SOCMIC) on the topic of End of Life Care (EOLC).    Several reflections for the audience:1. There is an increased interest to improve care, attitudes and skills by professionals caring for patients in these situations (Dr. Francisco Fernández put us in [...]

The power of the will

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Hola a tod@s, my dear friends.  I have just come back from Santa Cruz de la Sierra to Spain after the adventure lived with José Manuel Velasco. So, many feelings as stars in the sky, such admiration and much respect that they don´t fit in my heart.  It isn´t a coincidence: today is the second birthday of this blog and [...]

Right care, right now…and later

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Hola a tod@s, my dear friends. We are just flying to Santa Cruz de la Sierra (Bolivia), so this space will remain on hold next week. But before, we'd like to share with you a few links that will be of your interest about the post intensive care syndrome (PICS). To focus, the information for patients and family members of [...]