A journey through the other experience

2019-08-02T18:58:31+00:007 April, 2016|

Hola a tod@s, my dear friends. Yesterday I had the opportunity to participate in the Collaborative Laboratory for the patient´s empowerment organized by Impact Hub Madrid.A busy day of work, but with a quite different forms we usually do at the ICU. First of all, freaking out with a spacious, friendly and colorful place that invited subjectively to good manners. [...]

Small steps to break great barriers, by María Rojas

2019-08-02T18:58:31+00:006 April, 2016|

39 year old, and life puts ahead a tough test. After 28 days of desperate fight for life, coming back from hell: fear, distress, anxiety... There is no medication that can control his despair. Or maybe yes?. His wife comes into the box, takes his hand and stays with him, no need to talk about. After many hours without sleep, [...]

Collaborative Laboratory for Patient´s Empowerment

2019-08-02T18:58:31+00:005 April, 2016|

Hola a tod@s, my dear friends. Next Wednesday, April 6th, this project will attend its first Collaborative Laboratory for Patient´s Empowerment which will take place in Impact Hub Madrid.   Patient empowerment is a change of attitude, technology and, also, the health system. Would it be possible to enable the patient to participate from inside the health care system, and even [...]

Wonderland, by Raquel Nieto

2019-08-02T18:58:31+00:002 April, 2016|

99 days   As being in Wonderland, everyday objects are transformed into oracles of imposible geometries in the space of the ICU. What an air conditioning grille was, is suddenly shown as a hieroglyph which we have to guess whether we want to stay alive. Always, that fear of staying alive, to not fall into the wrong box and disappear, swallowed by quicksand in [...]


2019-08-02T18:58:32+00:001 April, 2016|

Extreme poverty, lack of work, and unrequited love, are probably the paths to the loss of dignity. But if those are the paths, a disease is the motorway that leads more quickly to that same destination. Illnes put us in the absolute defenselessness. Bows us, makes us dependents. We lose our strength and many times our decision making capacity. The [...]