How a liver works, by Félix Martín

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Liver function: “The liver is a solid víscera that ...”Luis. His daughter. After two days of birth: familiar progressive intrahepatic cholestasis . Alagille síndrom.Luis and his family are castilians: their solution in Madrid. - "Your daughter needs a new liver." - "Can I donate her a part of mine?"A blessed echocardiography puts another challenge on the road: atrial septal defect. [...]

When the H sounds, by Júlia Prieto

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I'm Julia, psychologist internal resident. A few weeks ago I joined the service of the Hospital Clínico Universitario de Valencia to start my training and I bring good news. These new days have been exciting, and I never would have imagined that in my first meeting with the staff of Psychology would appear within the points of the day an [...]

The flame is still alive: IV Albert Jovell Awards

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Hola a todos, mis queridos amigos.The first fruits of Foro Premios Albert Jovell are coming, where as you know the IC-HU Project was the protagonist thanks to "The Revolution of Emotion" and at the awards ceremony.That´s why Tonight, at 7 pm at the Ateneo de Madrid will take place the ceremony of the IV Albert Jovell Awards by the Spanish [...]

It doesn´t look like an Hospital! By Mónica Ferrero

2019-08-02T18:58:12+00:0022 June, 2016|

It doesn´t look like an Hospital! That's what the first patient told when they visited the new Day Center of Oncology and Hematology Pediatric of the Hospital Materno Infantil Vall d’Hebron in Barcelona. When we are going to receive a treatment, we are nervous and afraid. But our experience can improve if we find ourselves in an attractive, friendly, warm, [...]

About Music and Music Therapy in ICU, by María Rojas

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In all the world, much is been talking about "Music in the ICU", something very crazy not far away, no even imagine. And it is a wonderful thing. Many efforts are made to bring the beauty of music to our ICU, because music accompanies us in conscious or unconscious way throughout our life, even before out birth. In a difficult [...]

A swimming pool in the ICU? By Wes Ely

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Published in The Wall Street Journal on June 17th, 2016 “A swimming pool in the ICU? You must be nuts.” The nurse’s voice was almost lost amid the whooshing ventilator and infusion pumps. Five days earlier, we had admitted Bennie, a Vietnam veteran, to the intensive care unit of our VA hospital in Nashville, Tenn. Frail and wrinkled, he had [...]

A look to the heart in the ICU

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To be admitted into a Hospital means an emotional trauma for anyone. It causes the breakdown of daily life. From HU-CI Mancha Centro, we contribute to alleviate loneliness and isolation faced by our patients through reading. Reading has an important role in our daily lives. It brings many benefits as preventing states of anxiety and depression related to the process [...]

I Congress of Patient Experience

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Hola a tod@s, mis queridos amigos.  I told you yesterday that this final part of June comes full of activity. Next Friday June 17th is going to be held in Madrid the I Congress of Patient Experience, organized and promoted by our friends of the Patient Experience Institute (IEXP), who many of you already know by the co-creation workshop to [...]

Albert Jovell Awards 2016

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Hola a tod@s, mis queridos amigos.We are in the final part of the first half of 2016, and we could not finish it better. Next Thursday June 16th will take place at the Universidad Internacional de Cataluña in Barcelona the II edition of the Albert Jovell Awards . You can consult here the program of the event (only available in [...]

Distance is not oblivion

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Today just a year ago, when you crossed the other side, and I can not hold back the tears remembering Alfredo´s words, and all we lived.A year where your lessons help more people every day. Amazing, isn´t it? Of course, distance is not oblivion. Look, I feel that you follow and accompany me from far away, you and many other [...]