The ICU Walk Protocol in English

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Not so far ago, we share in this blog the post The ICU Walk Protocol. We promised you to translate into English the protocol, and here it is: The ICU Walk Protocol (free download) We hope you find it useful.Best regards,Dr. José Carlos Igeño CanoHead of Emergency and ICU. Hospital San Juan de Dios de CórdobaMember of the IC-HU Research Project

The power of Word in the ICU. By Mariana Pedace

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The Intensive Care Unit is one of the services where the more intense events could be lived in a Hospital. The state of health of the patients is critical. The family experiences heartbreaking sensations and professionals must take decisions extremely complex under pressure of time and difficulty. Anguish, pain, uncertainty, the voltage is present at the corridors of the ICU [...]

Looking at the invisible: The IC-HU Foundation in Colombia

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Today, a nurse studente asked me in the morning shift: - "What is the humanization of Intensive Care?". I thought during a second and I have replied: "Look, how is it possible that we (as human beings), who in addition care another human beings (we are not descendants of Zeus or anything like that), we have now to stop, to [...]

The step from an ICU to an IC-HU

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Last year I wanted to know your opinion, needs and suggestions regarding infrastructure and spaces in the ICU. After asking to the professionals Vicente Gomez Tello and Laura Diaz, to the ex-patient Jose Luis Diaz and to the family member Manuel López I was very surprised because people with different perspectives have the same opinions: privacy for the patient, natural [...]

One year later: Mónica Ferrero interviews Vicente Gómez

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If yesterday we shared the experience of Laura Diaz on the evolution and the humanization in the spaces of her ICU, today we are going to know the experience of Vicente Gómez Tello. Vicente is an specialist in Intensive Care Medicine at Hospital Universitario Moncloa, moderator of the module 2: Are technology, structure and humanization compatible? in the II National [...]

One year later: Mónica Ferrero interviews Laura Díaz

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It is very important to take care of the spaces. To design them we must know very well the needs so we colect lots of information to project them. Last year I did a serie of interviews to find out your opinion about spaces and infrastructure in the ICU: current status, needs, and suggestions.To do this, I asked to professionals [...]

H-Ecuador is also written with H

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Hola a todos, mis queridos amigos.We are going next week to Argentina, to the 26º Congress of Argentinean Society of Intensive Care. In September, Carmen Segovia and José Carlos Igeño will go to Quito (Ecuador), to participate in the "II International Course of Evaluation and Management of the Critically ill patient". This course will be held from September 1st to [...]

#saldelauci: The ICU walk protocol. By José Carlos Igeño

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During the years of existence of the IC-HU Project, we have promoted differents ways to humanize the intensive care units. An of them stands out because breaks especially with the established rules: the walks out the ICU with the patients. At this point that might be a bit controversial, I would like to make two points: what are the rules? [...]

Warning to seafarers. By Josep-María Sirvent

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Today I want to share a reflection that aims to make an observation and simultaneously share experiences from an ICU team that since a time are applying the lines of the IC-HU Project, whose main objective is offer safety, quality and more human Intensive Care.After observing several instances of relatives and patients in the ICU who has expanded visitation policies, has been implicated them in the [...]

Hasty wills. By Ángela Alonso

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-" Why don´t we ask her what she prefers?".With this phrase we ended the conversation. For fifteen minutes, their daughters and I had been trying to decide what would be the best for Carmen. Carmen was an adorable old woman of almost eighty years old who had been admitted in the ICU a few days ago. A single criticism or [...]