The IC-HU soundscape

2019-08-02T18:57:49+00:0030 September, 2016|

Hola a todos, my dear friends. Noise maybe is something invisible in the ICU. And although we have spoken of it here or here, I have the feeling of that we have last of tiptoe, almost without making noise. We are not aware of how alarms affects our patients, or how professionals are exposed in our day to day to [...]

The family in the ICU of adults. By Ana Bejarano

2019-08-02T18:57:49+00:0029 September, 2016|

I believe that the first step is to understand that despite we are human beings we are not always humanized, because humanize is a mode of being, living, interacting, growing us, moving us and traveling to the inside, to experience life in another way.  All of us want to be older, but we could have best moments, and create highlights [...]

Extremis: Facing the Final Decision. By Javier Martínez Sárria

2019-08-02T18:57:49+00:0028 September, 2016|

It is brave to tackle a topic as death in a documentary, which has ceased to be a part of our everyday experience (but not in our destiny, what else we would like!). Our culture has finished hiding so essential moment, that used to be another social event. First relegating it to the intimacy of the family. Then, inadvertently, leaving [...]

The IC-HU Proyect: all the colours

2019-08-02T18:57:49+00:0027 September, 2016|

In the IC-HU Project (Humanizing Intensive Care) we are independent, passionate and have one thing very clear: our goal is to help making health care more kind for people and health environments the more livable as possible. In all the senses. For their users. For the professionals who care for the users. Nothing more and nothing less. And this project [...]

#benditalocura (holy madness): the film

2019-08-02T18:57:50+00:0022 September, 2016|

Hola a tod@s, my dear friends. A history of changing room.This #benditalocura (holy madness) that has mobilized thousands of people and has put hads up half world by #humaniza and the H was born there. I was talking with Victor about the project, the recent travels and all this impact, Iand he said: "Gabi, have you seen that icon of [...]

Thank you to “our olders”. By Mimi Sancho

2019-08-02T18:57:50+00:0021 September, 2016|

Anyone who knows me doesn´t be surprise if I begin this post with a proverb: "It is a trait of the high-born to be grateful". The unique claim of these words is to honor to all those intensive care professionals (intensivists, nurses, assistants, cleaners, secretaries and guards) who have preceded us in the work of "the critical patient care"; many [...]

The flame lights up Ecuador. By Carmen Segovia and José Carlos Igeño

2019-08-02T18:57:53+00:0020 September, 2016|

Hola a todos: A few days ago we returned from Ecuador, where the IC-HU Project had been invited by Dr. Santiago Párraga to the II Internacional Course on Evaluation and Management of critically ill patient. Mamen Segovia and José Carlos Igeño were this time who went to Quito to talk about this #benditalocura (holy madness) which humanization is. And we [...]

Giving away Time. By Cristina Díez and José Manuel Gómez

2019-08-02T18:57:53+00:0017 September, 2016|

Gregorio Marañón: "The best things of the world always have been made by the diletanttis, who make things by delight, love and not by obligation or routine." This week, in the Gregorio Marañón Hospital, the project of humanization in which we have been working since last October has been made official. Nearly a year of work has gradually been growing [...]

Argentina and Perú with the H

2019-08-02T18:57:53+00:0016 September, 2016|

Hello a tod@s, my dear friends. Yesterday was a historic day for the humanization of Intensive Care. Two scientific societies, the Argentinean Society of Intensive Therapy (SATI) and the Peruvian Society of Intensive Care Medicine (SOPEMI) have endorsed the IC-HU Project. Thus become the fourth and fifth Scientific Societies that support this #benditalocura (holy madnes), and encourage us to follow on [...]

We sometimes heal…always take care and support. By Laura Sanz

2019-08-02T18:57:54+00:0015 September, 2016|

It still sounds in my head that quote of Dr Diaz Rubio during my Grad Ceremony: “Doctors sometimes heal, but when we cannot, we must take care and support our patients. This is as important as healing could be”. Last night life taught me something new. Life…an my box 18 ICU patient, Madame R. After a few days in the [...]