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2016 is ending. A year of giving and receiving for me. 53 talks of Proyecto HU-CI around Spain, Portugal, Bolivia, Ecuador and Argentina. The publication of the ICU Humanization Plan, one chapter of a book, for new scientific articles signed by our research group, the #benditalocura (holy madness), five awards (one of them international), 5 new scientific societies endorsements... and above [...]

Humanised infrastructure in the ICU. A challenge within our rearch

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Vicente Gómez  and Mónica Ferrero have published  the next article in the last number of Enfermería Intensiva. Our friends and members of Proyecto HU-CI develop the concept of humanised infrastructure: and ICU that provides the best physical and environmental well-being for patients, professionals and families. Spaces that are functional, efficient, ergonomic, comfortable, warm and friendly... and take care of all users to enhance their experience. Humanised infrastructure could have a good economical impact, besides the [...]

The temptation of giving up

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Have you ever thought "I can´t stand anymore", "This work is not paid", "Don´t worth it", "I should change service" or even, "I am going to give up this profession"?. A high percentage of professionals who work in the ICU have done so. This wish of abandonment appears associate to the dissatisfaction labour, to the discouragement and to the professional [...]

PICU Aladina: the IC-HU of children

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In February 2015 we talked about the project by Aladina Foundation to reform the paediatric ICU (PICU) of  hospital Niño Jesús de Madrid. The new unit is now a reality! It has opened its doors on December 14th. The new Aladina-Juan Casado PICU has materialized through donations, with the spot “Achuchones Solidarios”  and  more than half of the cost of [...]

Sense and Sensibility (II)

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Scientific and technological advances of our era and the excellent training received in Medical Schools lost much of their value when they are applied without adequate sensitivity, when it´s forgotten something so elemental as the right of human beings already evicted to die surrounded by their loved ones, in a suitable place. In this moment, their bodies should be received by the family with the [...]

Sense and Sensibility (I)

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The punished body of my mother said "it´s enough" before the deadlines provided. The fever suddenly didn´t disappear, the blood pressure didn´t improve, a pain in the side. But how is possible! She was playing cards with her friends in the the afternoon!. From the district hospital to the provincial hospital. From Ward to the ICU. Behind the stretcher, in procession through halls and waiting romos with [...]

Death Cafe: let´s talk about dying

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Death Cafe is a discussion group organized for talking about dying without a closed script or concrete objectives. The purpose is promote social awareness of death from several views, for rating life and break the taboo that supposed talk of all related with death. Death Cafe  model was developed by Jon Underwood and Sue Barsky Reid, based on the ideas of Bernard Crettaz. Since 2011, [...]