Between Life and Death

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I am always hearing about this of humanizing the ICU but until tonight I didn't know what was. Yesterday, I had to go for my work to ask for the situation of a person admitted in the ICU of La Paz in Madrid. When I left the elevator it seemed to me that I was on the 200th floor more than in the first. I am used [...]

Science and Philosophy of the ABCDEF bundle

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During this week, the 46th Critical Care Congress of the Society of Critical Care Medicine has been held in Hawaii. Much has been said in networks on topics closely related to #humaniza, but one of them has had special importance. At the same time of the event, Critical Care Medicine has published "The ABCDEF Bundle: Science and Philosophy of How ICU Liberation Serves [...]

Héctor opened the doors of the Spanish Pediatric ICU

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My name is Esther, I am Héctor´s mommy. When he has a month of life, we received the news that no parent ever wants to hear: he had a very serious disease, without a cure, and was so affected that he would not survive a year... His first year was crazy, a struggle against the clock, but we were winning battles. Our true [...]

Just a word?

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Last month, in The temptation of giving up we talked about how appear from Humanization numerous possibilities for feeding the engine of action that is the internal "motivation" . Gratitude is one of those possibilities, which is more than just a standard of courtesy, it is a #humantool  at our fingertips. No one wants to be admitted to an ICU or receive treatments and invasive interventions; [...]

Virtual reality to improve cognitive alterations in ICU

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More than 30 percent of patients who survive an episode of critical illness presents brain alterations that go beyond those of the disease that has led to the admission to intensive care (ICU). As a result of this cerebral dysfunction, patients present cognitive alterations to long term that hinder the return to their daily life, pose an increase of human and economic costs associated to their [...]

Economy and ICU Humanisation

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Hola a tod@s, my dear friends. A very interesting reflection was initiated yesterday from Colombia. Arturo Arias raised the following: "It is true that humanising is an spreading strategy throughout the world, but there are certain details that appear and we had not calculated. And in this era post vacuum, called liquid modernity, this details are very important and more in our very 'brain-underdeveloped' countries. [...]

The power of love

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On 2013  April 2nd, I felt a severe pain in the abdomen. I went to two clinics and to a hospital, and all under the same diagnosis -tear - they prescribed me anti-inflammatory drugs. April 3rd I was urgent admitted  in a clinical where I was induced a coma drug, because I could already not breathing. 4th, I was movedto the Hospital “El Cruce” de [...]

New Guidelines for Family-Centered Care in the Neonatal, Pediatric, and Adult ICU. “Open the door, baby”

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A few days ago we saw in the networks a post of  Arturo Arias in which he said textually "Little by Little we are opening more the doors of my H-ICU... and I wonder: How we were able of having them closed for long time...?". Probably, and we should study it soon, many ICU have started to give steps toward a greater opening. The present benefits in the scientific literatura in the [...]