If people knew…Rules would be different

2019-02-25T17:58:48+00:0025 February, 2019|

If people knew that visiting hours could be flexible. If people knew there are very few psychologists in the ICU. If people knew that professionals leave all of us but nobody takes care of us. If people knew we barely had time. If people knew communicating better could be learned. If people knew we want their help. If people knew [...]

The figure of the Psychologist in Critical Care

2019-08-02T18:55:47+00:002 February, 2019|

The demand for severity, urgency, risk of death or its imminence, puts on the limit the capacity of emotional equilibrium in the human being. For the patient, ICU admission is a cut in the "existential continuity." Nowadays, there is ample knowledge regarding the emotional problems linked to the critical illness, the treatments required, the associated experiences and the post-ICU difficulties [...]