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A picture is worth a thousand words

4 July, 2014|

It is not possible to do this, and nurses are the first.It is very easy and it takes very few time. Closer to greet, to say how patient is today, get a smile to relatives who come forward to good news and just finish. They give thanks you with their soul. Let's go back to the root of this profession.Why [...]

Miracles exist

13 June, 2014|

Yes,  "miracles" exist.  And I put it in quotes because the real miracle is not to lose hope nowadays and you should fight for what you want.  But, don't miss it! Because if you don't, you'll find the job you were looking for or what you desire. If you read the post I wrote for my application to Editor, you [...]

The most rogue editors!

10 June, 2014|

Hi all, my dear friends. Thanks to 49 of you who have decided  the editors of IC-HU Project in a very tight vote. I am a little shy because no one vote in the English version, but it doesn´t matter, there will be more opportunities. Nurse in distress, Ana Polegre (Canarias): 146 votos. Hand washing, Gerardo Aguilar (Valencia): 139 votos. [...]

Last candidate to Editor: from the Canary Island, Nurse in Distress

1 June, 2014|

Hello my dear rogue:Today transgressive and protest post coming from the Canary Islands.I present to you Ana, creator of www.enfermeraenapuros.com (nurse in distress). In just two months has managed to revolutionize and brighten up the health days with its humour and its magnificent drawings. And she doing an awesome noise!This is her post:' I am a nurse, and all we [...]