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Collective constructions. By Mariana Torre

23 November, 2016|

The practice of nursing in Latin America, especially in the field of intensive care, has special features: our geographical position, socio-political and cultural reality and above all, our historical past and quality of "emerging countries" (a great euphemism)... We have had the luck of travel quite our huge and generous region, and meeting many colleagues and hospitals. This experience gave [...]

Wonder hands. By Natalia Figueroa

15 October, 2016|

  July 2007 An annoying and deafening noise wakes me up.I try to open my eyes but a light blinded me. In my mouth a painful sensation that burns me inside. My cheeks feel adjusted to the pressure of something which fastened me around my face. I open my eyes with a huge effort. The noise does not stop. I [...]

The family in the ICU of adults. By Ana Bejarano

29 September, 2016|

I believe that the first step is to understand that despite we are human beings we are not always humanized, because humanize is a mode of being, living, interacting, growing us, moving us and traveling to the inside, to experience life in another way.  All of us want to be older, but we could have best moments, and create highlights [...]

Argentina and Perú with the H

16 September, 2016|

Hello a tod@s, my dear friends. Yesterday was a historic day for the humanization of Intensive Care. Two scientific societies, the Argentinean Society of Intensive Therapy (SATI) and the Peruvian Society of Intensive Care Medicine (SOPEMI) have endorsed the IC-HU Project. Thus become the fourth and fifth Scientific Societies that support this #benditalocura (holy madnes), and encourage us to follow on [...]

Juana Penélope. By Sergio Sandes

10 September, 2016|

The needles cross, superimposed, collide.Linking a strand and again, they cross. Two needles and a ball of wool gray. Gray as the sky of the bad omens. In her sixty two years Juana weaves, as all her life she did it. When she is asked what she is weaving the response leaves without delay: "A scarf for him, for when he wake up" Beside [...]