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From head to toe

8 June, 2018|

On March, social networks were filled with photos of unpaired socks to celebrate World Down Syndrome Day and as enunciated the slogan that accompanied the campaign: "Raise awareness of the difference and bet on inclusion." A few days ago, the colored socks again flooded our screens, this time with the hashtag #CrazySocks4Docs, aiming to draw attention to the problem of [...]

Patient and professional experience: two sides of the same coin?

13 February, 2018|

Patient experience, pacient centered care, the evaluation of user´s satisfaction... are essential variables for the evaluation of the quality of care, but are they two sides of the same coin?. Does achieving patient satisfaction (face) require the sacrifice of the professional (cross)? Nowadays, there is a concept of the company's environment that is increasingly extending to more areas, including the [...]

To care is human…What about caring the caregiver?

27 January, 2018|

New England Journal of Medicine has recently published the article To Care is Human- Collectively Confronting the Clinician- Burnout Crisis. This publication describes the alarming problem of burnout among health care providers. Burnout generates depression and an increase in the frequency of suicide among staff. Besides the negative impact on health professionals and their families, burnout generates an inefficient system, increasing [...]

Human souls on fire but no burned: taking care of ICU professionals

3 March, 2017|

The motto of Proyecto HU-CI "The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire" alludes to the powerful force of human being committed to an objective, and points out a vision of the humanisation of health where the care of the professional can not  be missed, because the team is the agent of this process of humanisation. [...]

The temptation of giving up

27 December, 2016|

Have you ever thought "I can´t stand anymore", "This work is not paid", "Don´t worth it", "I should change service" or even, "I am going to give up this profession"?. A high percentage of professionals who work in the ICU have done so. This wish of abandonment appears associate to the dissatisfaction labour, to the discouragement and to the professional [...]

Physician burnout: can we make a difference together?

22 July, 2015|

Hola a tod@s, my dear friends.We keep talking about in the same way that yesterday (thank you so much, more than 1.600 page views to the post about ratios). It´s very important to care the care provider.Today we want to share an article recently published in Critical Care: Physician burnout: can we make a difference together?.Despite being a widely known [...]

Patient Mortality Is Associated With Staff Resources and Workload in the ICU

21 July, 2015|

Hola a tod@s, my dear friendsJust published in Critical Care Medicine, today we want to share an article which comes to talk about something that could be thought by anyone without being an ICU healthcare professional. We were talking about this on January (To more nurses, less mortality). And we will talking for sure.Patient Mortality Is Associated With Staff Resources [...]

The Iatroref Study: Caring the Healthcare providers to care patients

17 January, 2015|

Research studies focusing on the critical patient safety are increasing. The flaws in the system and human factors are the main cause of adverse events. The complexity of the factors that contribute to health care risk required to deep through its analysis, in order to establish strategies for improvement in one of the key of quality dimensions .The Iatroref study [...]

Searching Happy Healthcare Workers

28 October, 2014|

Hola a tod@s, my dear friends. We are looking for happy professionals all over the world. From New Zealand, Hearts in Healthcare has launched the project The Happiness in Healthcare Project There is an epidemic of Burnout among healthcare professionals, not only in Spain but also around the world. So we can´t do our work fully and this commitments a [...]

Spanish Nurses, stressed and burned-out

20 June, 2014|

Hola a tod@s my beloved rogue! Although the article was written in 2012, I think that it is totally valid.The health care workers get sick to try that people do not.I want to share this article published in El Pais, written after the publication of the study by SATSE called Perception of stress of nurses in Spain.Its results leave no [...]