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The man who would demand explanations about his lungs, by Carles Calaf

17 July, 2015|

As a patient he was there, looking at a fixed point, impressed to see and hear ten people talking about and surrounding him ... But they do not ask anything.His fastidious pneumonia had become something strange that sounded as "collapsed", and that worsens, so he was admitted at ICU. He had an intense suffocation and he couldn´t sleep. He was [...]

A catania from Villafranca, by Carles Calaf

29 May, 2015|

Catania is the name given to an exquisite and original sweet from Penedés, a region of Barcelona which is famous for its wines than by their pastries. It is an almond covered with a thin layer of caramel, another white chocolate, another dark chocolate and finally varnishing with chocolate powder. As a delicatessen that is, hardly are served in boxes [...]

The man who didn´t matter PEEP nor pressure support, by Carles Calaf

21 March, 2015|

He had an acute lung edema when he came through the door of our ICU accompanied by emergency team and an Oxylog aside because of the probability of respiratory arrest. Extreme sweating, that typical pallor, wheezing to listening with the stethoscope, stridor to simple ear... He breathed with thoraco-abdominal asynchrony, saturation was 86%, high flow with reservoir O2 mask when he [...]

The ICU of the Future

19 February, 2015|

Hola a tod@s, my dear friends. Yesterday I had dinner with Carles Calaf and Victor Úbeda, and we were talking about the future with a couple of beers. Philosophy of bar and brainstorming: probably the most creative combination. How will be the ICU of the Future?. As we have thought before, for me is clear: centered in persons and to [...]

Noise pollution in the ICU

17 December, 2014|

Hola a tod@s, my dear friends.Who and what generates noise in the ICU?. Mainly, people.Today we talk about this interesting subject thanks to the article Noise pollution in the ICU: time to look into the mirror published in Critical Care in August 2014 and yesterday shared by our friend Carles Calaf in his social networks.Noise can have harmful effects on [...]