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The Pause

6 February, 2018|

The medical Pause is a practice implemented after the death of a patient. This practice offers closure to both the medical team and the patient. It is a means of transitioning and demarcating the brevity and importance of this moment. Through silence this shared event is able to be honored and marked by a multicultural medical staff. Silence allows individuals [...]

The common denominator

16 September, 2017|

Every ICU is different. All those who work or have any experience there (patients and families, health managers) know it. And this difference not only concerns its size, architecture, benefits, type of patient attended, but also its organization, management, human resources ... So, in our country, we have medical, post-surgical, coronary or trauma ICU, for example. Not all of them [...]

Between Life and Death

28 January, 2017|

I am always hearing about this of humanizing the ICU but until tonight I didn't know what was. Yesterday, I had to go for my work to ask for the situation of a person admitted in the ICU of La Paz in Madrid. When I left the elevator it seemed to me that I was on the 200th floor more than in the first. I am used [...]

Sense and Sensibility (II)

22 December, 2016|

Scientific and technological advances of our era and the excellent training received in Medical Schools lost much of their value when they are applied without adequate sensitivity, when it´s forgotten something so elemental as the right of human beings already evicted to die surrounded by their loved ones, in a suitable place. In this moment, their bodies should be received by the family with the [...]

“Doctor, am I going to die?”

28 October, 2016|

Hola a tod@s, my dear friends. "How to respond to an ICU patient asking if she/he is going to die": this is the title of the article published by Margaret Isaac and J. Randall Curtis online first last September in Intensive Care Medicine, as "What´s New in Intensive Care?". It is not easy at all to establish direct talks in [...]

Let´s talk about dying

1 August, 2015|

Hola a tod@s, my dear friends. Although it is Saturday, I send mandatory duties today. We want to share with you all the TED talk Let´s talk about dying, by Dr. Peter Saul. In the same line of An emotional awakening, inviting us to stop and think to modify the process.   These are the key ideas:- All of us [...]

Paco´s lessons

17 June, 2015|

Hola a tod@s, my dear friends. 48 hours ago my father died, after 19 years fighting against a colon cancer that in the last two years had already won the game and it had disseminate. Despite the pain I feel, this is not a sad story. For nothing. Paco knew how to live with his disease and even I think that [...]

He saw his father crossing yesterday

14 June, 2015|

I'm new in this forum, just listening, hardly apprentice.I stand to ask your warm hand to a great friend that yesterday saw his father crossing.My phone rings:"My father unconscious at home! You know, terminal, asymptomatic. 112 on road. Who can I speak? ... My brother doing CPR with instructions by phone. I don't know if he is in cardiac arrest."The [...]

The ten barriers to appropriate management of patients at the end of their life

14 April, 2015|

In the article published in Intensive Care Medicine by Hillamn y Cardona-Morell, the main barriers that hinder an appropiate management of patients at the end of life are described. It is becoming more common the dilemma of admitting and treat in ICU certain patients that intensive medicine no longer can offer them what they really need: accepting the death process [...]

Duel with sticks, by Yolanda García and Miguel Ángel Pelay

11 February, 2015|

This is a picture of Francisco de Goya, two villains fighting in a bleak landscape. The weapons were sticks and there were no rules and protocols. The duel ended with the death of one of the contenders and usually with the other wounded. The landscape in the background is empty, which accentuates the loneliness and the brutal nature of the [...]