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Humanised infrastructure in the ICU. A challenge within our rearch

29 December, 2016|

Vicente Gómez  and Mónica Ferrero have published  the next article in the last number of Enfermería Intensiva. Our friends and members of Proyecto HU-CI develop the concept of humanised infrastructure: and ICU that provides the best physical and environmental well-being for patients, professionals and families. Spaces that are functional, efficient, ergonomic, comfortable, warm and friendly... and take care of all users to enhance their experience. Humanised infrastructure could have a good economical impact, besides the [...]

Designing the ICU: Lab In Action interviews Vicente Gómez-Tello

11 August, 2015|

In the first post I wrote for the IC-HU Project I was wondering if any architect or person responsible for the ICU design project had asked your needs before making a hospital project.As I mentioned above, the interior designers and architects before beginning to develop a project we talk with the customer and we ask him a lot of questions. [...]


7 March, 2015|

Hola a tod@s, my dear friends   We would like to thanks our Valencian mates because of the amazing Conference  #SOVAMICYUC  that took place yesterday at Hospital de Requena.   Dr. Vicente Gómez-Tello came back home very satisfied with new projects of collaboration and tasting that which we have already felt in Torrejón, Barcelona, Valencia and Zaragoza: the IC-HU Project arrives and engages!. We also invite you [...]


6 March, 2015|

Hola a to@s, my dear friendsYesterday at the meeting of Societat Catalana de Medicina Intensiva i Crítica (@SOCMIC) something happened. In a very special place, the Hospital Sant Joan Despí and with a resounding success, we had a fantastic day where science, innovation, technology and heart were present. All together as equals, the professionals of the critical patient. Teamwork.As all you [...]

The IC-HU Project in XXXVII Congress of SOVAMICYUC

4 February, 2015|

Hola a tod@s, my dear friends. Today we want to give diffussion to XXXVII Congress of Sociedad Valenciana of Critical Care and Coronary Units, (SOVAMICYUC) and XIX Meeting of ICU Nursing. The congress will held in Valencia, March 5 and 6 in Hospital de Requena.This is the amazing program, with different items and very attractive session.Mates from Sociedad Valenciana of [...]

Moral Distress in the ICU Team

15 January, 2015|

Hola a tod@s, my dear friends. A few days ago Dr. Vicente Gómez-Tello sent me this article published in Critical Care Medicine in December 2014, because he knew that it could interest us: A Qualitative Study Exploring Moral Distress in the ICU Team: The Importance of Unit Functionality and Intrateam Dynamics. Again the qualitative research provides us with data from [...]

Improving your communication skills

6 May, 2014|

Hello everybody!! Today I bring you a big present, an awesome article in  BMJ Careers which it´s very important for us in our daily routine: Improving thecommunication with patients, family, and colleagues A large and compelling evidence base in communication science shows that communication is vitally important to doctors and patients. However, this research also shows that changes are needed in [...]

Family presence during cardiopulmonary resuscitation

16 April, 2014|

Hello everybody, my dear friends.Today this blog is 2 months old, and continues to grow powerful and on fireThank you very much for follow it.Today I would like to share an article thanks to Dr. Vicente Gomez-Tello, published in March 2013 in The New England Journal of Medicine.Thorny issue. This is a study carried out in France, where recruited to 570 relatives of patients who [...]