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Respect to the privacy in ICU. By María Rojas

13 September, 2016|

The main priority of the patients and families who suffer critical illness is recover the state of health, relegating to a second flat in the most of the occasions the emotional welfare, even their own privacy and in many cases, accepting that they can´t choose in their "role" of sick persons. Disease threatens two fundamental pillars of human dignity: privacy and autonomy. The dependence [...]

Doctor: if I die, I don’t want you to worry

24 July, 2015|

- Intensivist on shift: "Prepare a bed to put a patient a BiPAP with acute lung edema".At the beggining, it was not a complicated admittance. After the anguish of the first moments, the patient had very good response and could withdraw respiratory support. It is then when I return to explore him and an interview begins, asking about history and [...]

I often cry in the ICU, by María Rojas

2 July, 2015|

I have always tried to control this reaction, overcoming what seemed to be a sign of weakness, insecurity... But, the truth is what my tears express, often deaf and invisible, is a deep respect, respect for life and respect for death, pain and suffering, respect for the profession. To this reflection I did not get by myself, like almost all things [...]