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Sense and Sensibility (II)

22 December, 2016|

Scientific and technological advances of our era and the excellent training received in Medical Schools lost much of their value when they are applied without adequate sensitivity, when it´s forgotten something so elemental as the right of human beings already evicted to die surrounded by their loved ones, in a suitable place. In this moment, their bodies should be received by the family with the [...]

Sense and Sensibility (I)

21 December, 2016|

The punished body of my mother said "it´s enough" before the deadlines provided. The fever suddenly didn´t disappear, the blood pressure didn´t improve, a pain in the side. But how is possible! She was playing cards with her friends in the the afternoon!. From the district hospital to the provincial hospital. From Ward to the ICU. Behind the stretcher, in procession through halls and waiting romos with [...]

It is always possible to do something more, by Mari Cruz Martín

29 July, 2015|

Really awesome the article published online last week in Annals of Intern Medicine: “Personalizing Death in the Intensive Care Unit: The 3 Wishes Project: A Mixed-Methods Study” by Dr. Deborah Cook and her team of McMaster University Health Sciences Center in Hamilton, Ontario. The "3 wishes Project" wants to improve and dignify the process of death for ICU patients, allows [...]

The ABCD of the Dignity – Conservation of Care

25 June, 2015|

Hola a tod@s, my dear friends.From Intramed, the translated article Dying with dignity in the ICU signed by Deborah Cook and published in New England Journal of Medicine just a year ago is being shared via twitter.A must read. Today we rescue the ABCD of the Dignity-conservation of care (Chochinov adapted): The attitudes and assumptions may affect the practice. Reflect [...]

Dying with Dignity in the Intensive Care Unit

27 June, 2014|

Hola a tod@s, my beloved rogue. Published yesterday in The New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM), I share this review article with title Dying with Dignity in the Intensive Care Unit signed by the doctors Deborah Cook and Graeme Rocker, from Canada. Traditional  goals of  Intensive Care are to reduce the mortality and morbidity associated with critical illness, maintain organ function [...]