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Allergy to emotions

1 August, 2017|

When Pepa was informed that, due to the complications, she would be admitted in ICU from the ward, she told the health care professional that was attending she was afraid. The answer she received was: "Do you have any allergies?". Why this professional could not tune with the emotion transmitted and why was it ignored?. Sometimes we are afraid of [...]

Doctor: if I die, I don’t want you to worry

24 July, 2015|

- Intensivist on shift: "Prepare a bed to put a patient a BiPAP with acute lung edema".At the beggining, it was not a complicated admittance. After the anguish of the first moments, the patient had very good response and could withdraw respiratory support. It is then when I return to explore him and an interview begins, asking about history and [...]

The man who would demand explanations about his lungs, by Carles Calaf

17 July, 2015|

As a patient he was there, looking at a fixed point, impressed to see and hear ten people talking about and surrounding him ... But they do not ask anything.His fastidious pneumonia had become something strange that sounded as "collapsed", and that worsens, so he was admitted at ICU. He had an intense suffocation and he couldn´t sleep. He was [...]

I often cry in the ICU, by María Rojas

2 July, 2015|

I have always tried to control this reaction, overcoming what seemed to be a sign of weakness, insecurity... But, the truth is what my tears express, often deaf and invisible, is a deep respect, respect for life and respect for death, pain and suffering, respect for the profession. To this reflection I did not get by myself, like almost all things [...]

From the other side of the pyjama: Humanizing Health Care

30 April, 2015|

The change in the clinical relationship demand healthcare workers a plus in providing quality care. The knowledge, technical skills and the training received, should be always accompanied by a human quality.Thus, one of the most important values that different health professionals must learn is empathy. Using it, we try to understand the vision of the other.One of the key elements [...]

Empathy 2, by José I Ricarte

26 September, 2014|

The recently deceased Robin Williams participated in several films that have marked me: Dead Poets Society, Awakenings, Hook, Jumanji... Photo: fanpop But one of my favorites is Patch Adams, the the life of a doctor/clown. It´s plenty of  details and scenes that show the necessary humanization of health but I would like to share with you three of them that speak of [...]

Empathy, by José I Ricarte

2 September, 2014|

Empathy seems to me one of the basic skills in the Humanization of Health. But, what is empathy?. Surely we could discuss much about the different definitions. Put in the role of the patient, something beyond understanding, try to learn and put the other´s shoes...and how is taught or how can we learn?. If we have never had an urinary [...]

Empathy: The Human Connection to Patient Care

18 July, 2014|

Hola a tod@s, my dear friends.  Here it is the second surprise of the week, thanks to the neonatologist Susana de las Heras and fellow of the  Medicine University of Alcalá.   This video belongs to the Cleveland Clinic, one of the four best hospitals in the United States and internationally known in many specialties including Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery.  One [...]