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#Healingwalks: protocol update

19 June, 2018|

A few years ago, we started going for a walk with ICU patients outside the unit, with the certainty that getting them out of those four walls was something positive. It is obvious that people are everyday in contact with the natural environment (sky, sun, pure air, nature) and the ICU admittance is unnatural because deprives us of the fundamental [...]

Beyond the wall. By José Carlos Igeño

25 November, 2016|

Her name is Cristina and she is 36 years old. And she says that having this landscape opposite has helped her a lot, because in moments in which she was scared or suffering, it was not the same having opposite a wall or a beautiful landscape. And to look at the mountains relaxing and helping her to sleep. She told [...]

What´s an H-ICU?

4 July, 2015|

Hello everybody, my dear Friends. Today I begin holiday time, so this space will pause for a few days. But we didn't want to go without giving you a gift that comes from the South. From the ICU of Hospital San Juan de Dios de Córdoba, Dr. José Carlos Igeño explains what is an H-ICU. As the video is so good, we got [...]