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The treatment was…Sebastian, by Alberto Del Castillo

31 July, 2015|

Clinical trials of new treatments are published daily, and we are glad when one of these publications is our specialty-related thinking; "A new treatment that we can use".But we forget much simpler treatments. They could reach all disciplines and all countries regardless of financial resources.And what is that treatment? Look at this story happened in our ICU, you will give [...]

The seeds of Son Llátzer and #AOLDPijama

15 May, 2015|

Hola a tod@s, my dear friends.Finally at home, after two days of intense experiences and emotions. Tired but happy.On Wednesday I had the opportunity to return to my other home, "La Roqueta" (Palma de Mallorca) and share the project with those who were my colleagues at the Hospital Son Llàtzer and since 2009 are my friends.Accompanied by Concha Zaforteza, we [...]

The IC-HU Project at Hospital Son Llàtzer

12 May, 2015|

Hola a tod@s, my dear friends.Tomorrow Wednesday May 13th at 8.15 AM, Concha Zaforteza and myself will have the pleasure of introducing The IC-HU Project in the session General at Hospital Son Llàtzer, in Palma de Mallorca. Organized by the Intensive Care Unit, Teaching Unit and thanks to Dr. Dr. Alberto Del Castillo, is an honour for us and for [...]


7 March, 2015|

Hola a tod@s, my dear friends   We would like to thanks our Valencian mates because of the amazing Conference  #SOVAMICYUC  that took place yesterday at Hospital de Requena.   Dr. Vicente Gómez-Tello came back home very satisfied with new projects of collaboration and tasting that which we have already felt in Torrejón, Barcelona, Valencia and Zaragoza: the IC-HU Project arrives and engages!. We also invite you [...]

The Power of a Hug

24 February, 2015|

Hola a tod@s, my dear friends.We started the week in a different way, but I am sure when you watch the video you will understand it.Sofía Sánchez, nurse of the ICU of the Hospital Son Llàtzer in Palma de Mallorca invites us to reflection. Don't miss it, gives you 4 minutes. On July 2014 we published the post Hugs and [...]

Coming down from the pedestal, by Antonia Socias

31 December, 2014|

In an article recently published by Visser in Critical Care are reviewed articles published in the last 10 years on the barriers perceived by doctors who work in the ICU with regard to decision-making in situations perceived as "end of life".It's an article different from those we used to analyze, it does not give answers, not tell you which is [...]

About how to inform and Ebola

10 October, 2014|

Hola a tod@s, my dear friends. Everyone is talking and saying things about ebola virus. Yesterday, a friend from Argentina sent me a message: "Gabi, when are you publishing a post?". Of course as everyone else, I follow the information and for sure as many of you sometimes I can not give credit to statements of people who supposedly should [...]

Humanizing sepsis, World Sepsis Day 2014

13 September, 2014|

Patients who survive sepsis still remains a long way after their discharge from ICU. A large number of these survivors will present post-ICU syndrome, which includes sequels:- Physical: both by atrophy muscle functional disabilities such as nerve damage (polyneuropathy or myopathy of the critically ill patient), loss of body mass (cachexia, atrophy), problems swallowing or speaking, generalized weakness with limited capacity [...]