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Families in ICU: the evidence of what is obvius

22 March, 2017|

Hola a todos, my dear friends. Today we are talking about a very interesting open Access article in Intensive Care, published by Drs. Gerritsen, Hartog and Curtis about existing evidence on families-ICU relationship. There is a global trending awareness of the importance family members in the ICU, and the authors point out four reasons why everyone should be incorpórate the relatives in the therapeutic [...]

The Never Ending Story: Patients’ memory and psychological distress after ICU stay

21 October, 2014|

Hola a tod@s, my dear friends . Published on 2009 in Intensive Care Medicine,  Patients’ memory and psychological distress after ICU stay compared with expectations of the relatives will be the first of a serie which aims to try to rethink the need for admission to ICU and its consequences. The authors wanted to compare patients’ psychological distress and memories from intensive [...]

The tired families

1 August, 2014|

Hola a tod@s, mi dear rogue: Very interesting article published online first in  Intensive Care Medicine  talking about family fatigue and sleepiness. In "Half of the family members of critically ill patients experience excessive daytime sleepiness",  Dr. Verceles and his team of Baltimore University study Sleepiness and fatigue in ICU family members. They used several Scales (Epworth Sleepiness Scale y the Functional Outcomes of Sleep Questionnaire-10, FOSQ-10)  and psychomotor [...]

Tonight, tonight

15 March, 2014|

My rogue ones : step right up , take your locality.  The show is going to start. We are at 12 hours to live a wonderful experience. The Human-party!. As you have seen, the blog continues growing as a baby. In fact , tomorrow celebrates its first month of life. He has left a button for the English translation by [...]