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Is there nothing to do yet? By José I. Ricarte

19 December, 2014|

The phrase "There is nothig to do" and hang the label of "terminal" to our patients are things that must be in the past. If the goal of Medicine is healing, total health, beauty or youth, we are all destined to fail. And if Society puts health professionals as soldiers against these battles, we will fight them with a very [...]

Laughs and good vibes! Extremely curious workshop, by Thedoctorwearsprada

11 December, 2014|

What I love the most of being a doctor is that it still has the hability to surprise me…and I think this will last forever! Everyday duties, shifts, sleeping recovering days, ventilation conferences and unaffordable congresses to attend…But three days ago, still enjoying a couple of days in Paris, I received the weirdest text ever: SENSE OF HUMOR AND CLOWN [...]

Sense of Humor and Clown Fundamentals for Healthcare Providers Workshop

25 November, 2014|

Hola a tod@s, my dear friends. We want more, and for this we have help. Thanks to José I. Ricarte, a physician in Ibiza and Clown, it will be held at the Hospital Universitario de Torrejón the first Sense of Humor and Clown Fundamentals for Healthcare Providers Workshop, on 9 and 10 December from 15: 30 to 20: 30. You [...]

One more kiss, by Jose I. Ricarte

20 November, 2014|

One of the things I've learned working with disease and death is the need to take advantage of time. The "carpe diem" reminded by the recently deceased Robin Williams. We need to enjoy the small moments of life, the simple details of the life and the company of people we can find during our way. I should continue putting it into practice and [...]

Learning to accompany, by José I. Ricarte

7 October, 2014|

One of the many issues that we can consider in the accompaniment is what to say or what to do while we are doing just that: accompanying.Doubts and fears assail against the silences or pauses. We need a conversation or an activity with which to fill that space.In this we can learn a lot from animals. I am sure that [...]

Empathy 2, by José I Ricarte

26 September, 2014|

The recently deceased Robin Williams participated in several films that have marked me: Dead Poets Society, Awakenings, Hook, Jumanji... Photo: fanpop But one of my favorites is Patch Adams, the the life of a doctor/clown. It´s plenty of  details and scenes that show the necessary humanization of health but I would like to share with you three of them that speak of [...]

Empathy, by José I Ricarte

2 September, 2014|

Empathy seems to me one of the basic skills in the Humanization of Health. But, what is empathy?. Surely we could discuss much about the different definitions. Put in the role of the patient, something beyond understanding, try to learn and put the other´s shoes...and how is taught or how can we learn?. If we have never had an urinary [...]