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A ‘time out’ to talk to my patients, by Iñaki Saralegui

28 January, 2015|

It is difficult to Eusebio to get up early. It is a cold day and he feels tired. He would prefer to remain in the bed, waiting for his daughter to bring to him the meal and watching peacefully the television. This would be a good plan. But he knows that in the next minutes the stamp will sound, the [...]

Coming down from the pedestal, by Antonia Socias

31 December, 2014|

In an article recently published by Visser in Critical Care are reviewed articles published in the last 10 years on the barriers perceived by doctors who work in the ICU with regard to decision-making in situations perceived as "end of life".It's an article different from those we used to analyze, it does not give answers, not tell you which is [...]

Is there nothing to do yet? By José I. Ricarte

19 December, 2014|

The phrase "There is nothig to do" and hang the label of "terminal" to our patients are things that must be in the past. If the goal of Medicine is healing, total health, beauty or youth, we are all destined to fail. And if Society puts health professionals as soldiers against these battles, we will fight them with a very [...]

I am, by Alberto García Salido

13 August, 2014|

"And I open the eyes. I am a femoral. A jugular. A too-small tube filled with secretions. I am the blue eyes. Foreign pupils. I am who occasionally blows the monitor alarm. I am the low saturation and sedation window flashing. I am the hematoma under the eyelids. I am the artery that you can not take. The gases flowing always [...]