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When Humanisation in the clue of a bundle

23 September, 2017|

Actually, a bundle implementation as a practice which improve quality and safety in the attention of critically ill patients is normal. Scientific evidence about the measures taken demonstrate statistically that bundles are positive. But, what makes bundle ABCDEF  different from others? After participating for 2 days in an intense “ICU Liberation”  course organized by the SCCM and Vanderbilt Medical Center  and [...]

People caring for people, by Verónica Rojas

23 June, 2015|

We always talk about how being more human with patients and their families, but rarely we speak about how human we need to be with people who works in the Hospital.I personally believe that the true wealth and seal of an institution is in each one of the healthcare providers because we are representatives and the visible face of the [...]

An everyday hero… away from the cape and the superpowers, by Veronica Rojas

19 May, 2015|

This is the story of Felipe Díaz Izarraulde, a Chilean who had the opportunity to be born again!. Simply an everyday hero who wanted to tell us his story."I lived seven months in the ICU... This has been the strongest experience that I have lived and I will never forget. At the age of 17 I got involved between doctor [...]

When robots replace humans, by Verónica Rojas

12 December, 2014|

The arrival of 2000 brought us technological development and globalization. This has meant that those things that needed months to reach Europe and years to Latin America today only are a "click" away.The new millennium has certainly allowed advances in Science, diagnosis and treatment of diseases which  had brought an increase in expectation of life and ageing of the population.Every day there are more people [...]

Blackbird, by Verónica Rojas

19 November, 2014|

The world was shocked after watching a video posted on youtube showing the poignant scene in which a father, Chris Picco, sings with guitar in hand to his premature son Lennon the song "Blackbird". You will probably think that this little and it´s no related to the humanized care in the ICU of adults, and perhaps you will think that [...]

Less Sedation, more Heart…by Verónica Rojas

13 November, 2014|

We are very close with the prevalence study, which on November 25 will be the task from Analgesia and Sedation Working Group of  SEMICYUC. The ICUs that will participate will allow to know the Spanish reality in this area, I share with you a short but very useful publication which serves to optimize the use of sedatives and analgesics in ICUs. [...]

All for one, one for all by Verónica Rojas

7 November, 2014|

After attending the 13th ceremony of the Best Ideas of the Health Awards 2014 of Diario Médico, in which IC-HU Project was awarded, many questions have given turns over my head.I come from Chile and I am living in this beautiful country named Spain, living a dream in the beautiful Barcelona and although I know well that we are in [...]

Next Exit…Hope, by Verónica Rojas

16 August, 2014|

On the outskirts of Santiago de Chile (the city where I live), occurs the same thing that in all countries. There are dangerous areas mainly by the socio-cultural context in which they are found. These areas tend to have high rates of crime and the profile of the patients of critical services tends to be young wounded by bullet, victim of "settling of accounts"... a [...]

Keep calm because I care for you (second part), by Verónica Rojas

31 July, 2014|

In Chile there is a typical phrase that says: "there is no first without the second"... and in allusion to that I write today the 2nd part of "Keep calm...".You will recall that my head and heart were impacted after know the reality of the Emergency Service and one of the last questions that I raised and invited it to [...]

Keep calm…because I don´t care (Part I), by Verónica Rojas

17 July, 2014|

I am a nurse who was born and developed in an ICU.In this time of work, I have understood that these units are small "Islands" within the hospitals, and despite the crisis in health (independent part of the world in which we find ourselves) intensive units tend to have better staffing personnel, a little more of resources and a bit [...]